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Kitchen Designs for Basement ApartmentsMany of our great friends in Elmvale very well know about the great work that JC Unlimited Contracting can provide. For years, these families have trusted their homes to us in order to get the most out of their renovation or remodelling, and each one has been very successful. We can improve on anything in the home including kitchens, bathrooms, and basements.

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Basement Renovations

A basement can have many functions when it comes to your home. An entertainment complex for sports, a basement apartment or a guest suite, or even an office for when you are working from home. No matter the purpose, we can make sure that your basement renovation goes as smoothly as possible.

Bathroom Design Services in BarrieBathroom Renovations

The bathroom has to have the best design out of any room in the home. A bathroom is meant to be a place for comfort and convenience. We keep this in mind when we work on a bathroom renovation project. We can help make sure that your bathroom in Elmvale has the right tiles, and accessories like a shower head, sink or bathtub.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is of an open area in the house. If the bathroom is meant for privacy, the kitchen is more for the public, especially for your guests. A kitchen renovation can usually be consistent to the home, or it can have a unique design to its own. These kinds of interior design projects are usually the most commonly requested amongst the other rooms of the home. We can make sure that your kitchen renovation or remodel can provide a more inviting space to your home.

Home Addition Contractor

The general contracting team at JC Unlimited Contracting can help with any home addition project. These could be additional structure that is built on an established property. Whether it is a garage, nanny flat, or a second level to a house, there is a home addition option that can help make your home both inside and out look fantastic.

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