General Contracting and Renovations in Wasaga Beach

Skylights After PicturePeople who live in Wasaga Beach have always recommended to their friends and family the work of JC Unlimited Contracting. We have improved on many different homes inside and out for years, and our renovation services are approved by our many different clients. We can take care of your home improvement needs, and we can proudly make your renovation ideas into a reality.

Our Services

Basement Renovations

Turning that cold, dark, damp downstairs space into something livelier or at least a little bit more functional is a very common project that homeowners in Wasaga Beach and everywhere else seek out at all different times of the year. Some folks prefer to have a basement renovation performed in time for the holidays so they can use it as a guest room. Others opt for a springtime remodeling so it can be used as a family recreation room during the summer.

Bathroom Renovations

Custom Kitchen Renovations in BarrieA bathroom is often one of the rooms that is renovated the most, and for good reasons. It is where accuracy meets, efficiency. We need to make sure that all the tiles look right and if all of the necessities like the shower and sink work. Our general contractors can do a bathroom renovation that can be up-to-date when it comes to bathroom design trends.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is the most social area of the home. There are many uses for it throughout the year, and we want to make sure that it gets a lot of great use for any social gathering that you want to set up. A kitchen renovation can be done anytime during the year, and it is the most common renovation done on the home as kitchen design trends come and go in Wasaga Beach.

Home Addition Contractor

Home additions can be a great renovation idea for your home in Wasaga Beach. They can range from anywhere outside of the home, but still on the property. If you are looking to improve on your garage or new side building, our general contractor team can take care of it. We have the knowledge and experience to make sure each home addition can be completed quickly, and effectively.

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