General Contracting and Renovations in Stayner

Custom Kitchen Island in BarrieMany of our wonderful neighbors in Stayner are already familiar with the quality work and expert craftsmanship that we provide at JC Unlimited Contracting. For years, these wonderful folks have put their most trusted assets in our hands to renovate or remodel and we haven’t let them down yet. From kitchens and bedrooms to bathrooms and guest rooms to attics and basements, JC Unlimited Contracting can design or build any project.

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Basement Renovations

These chronically underutilized rooms are getting more and more use these days as entertainment rooms, studies or home offices, guest bedrooms, and even a complete basement apartment renovation. No matter what the specific ideas you might have about your basement renovation may be, there are a number of options that are available for you to consider.

Custom Kitchen Lights

Bathroom Renovations

If there is one room in the house that needs to be as close to perfect as possible, it’s this one. Comfort and convenience are of the highest priority in most bathroom renovation projects and this is true in any of the places that we provide our services to, not just Stayner. Finding the right tiles that stay warm in the winter or installing the right accessories such as specialty sinks or showers are a couple of typical examples of client preferences.

Kitchen Renovations

As inviting and warm as the bathroom needs to feel for one person, that is the way the kitchen needs to feel for everyone in the house. This includes any friends, family, or guests that you may be entertaining in your home on any given day or night. Color schemes and patterns have a lot to do with the flow and atmosphere of a room, and this is a very commonly sought change in kitchen renovations and remodels.

Home Addition Contractor

JC Unlimited Contracting is also qualified and experienced in almost any other general improvement task that most homeowners would request. There are any number of home additions or new structures that could be added to or built on existing property. Turning an outdoor deck into a covered patio or adding a space for an additional car in the garage are just a couple of options.

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