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Renovations can be a significant investment, both in terms of time and money, so it’s important to carefully consider your goals and budget before beginning any renovation project in Beaverton. It’s also important to select the right general contractor for your job to ensure the job gets done right and stays on budget.

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Basement Renovations in Beaverton

Basement renovations can be a great way to add valuable living space to your home, but it’s essential to plan carefully and follow building codes and regulations. With the right planning, materials, and finishes, you can create the ultimate living space you always wanted. This could also include a man-cave, a bar or anything your mind can think up. We are here to help you throughout the entire renovation process.

Bathroom Renovations in Beaverton

The bathroom is not only one of the busiest rooms in the house, but it is also one of the more calm and relaxing rooms as well. Our contracting team can update the bathroom by adding new tiles, sinks, bathtubs, and showers that are up-to-date in design trends. Our bathroom renovation contractors can make sure that the remodeling and renovation process is free from the stresses that arise during the process.

Kitchen Renovations in Beaverton

The kitchen is the one space in the home that is often requested the most for a renovation. It is the room that has the most design trend changes than any other space in the house. Our kitchen renovations can also include updating appliances, custom kitchen countertops from Cambria, and adding additional storage space to create a great kitchen that has a great design and organized storage. JC Unlimited Contracting can easily update your kitchen to the most up-to-date design.

Home Addition Contractor

If you are wanting to add additional living spaces in your home in Beaverton, the general contractors in JC Unlimited Contracting can help. We can create a home addition plan that meets your needs for your home. There are many additional options that are available including garages, a backyard apartment, or an additional space to your home.

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