General Contracting and Renovations in Angus

Framing Services in BarrieFolks in and around the Angus area have been calling JC Unlimited Contracting to take care of their renovation and remodeling needs for as long as we have been in business. And judging by how often we get called out, they have been telling their friends and neighbors about our work for just as long. If you are in need of a little home improvement or even if you are just at the beginning of your fact finding and research stage, let us give you a hand with planning your next step.

Our Services

Basement Renovations

We are never at a loss for customers who are looking to modernize and update their downstairs areas. For many homeowners, the basement has become home to holiday decorations, unused gadgets and doodads, as well as sometimes an unwanted outdoor resident. But nowadays more people are realizing the potential for all of this unused space and that keeps us here at JC Unlimited Contracting always ready for the job.

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom Design Services in BarrieThe most frequently used room in the home is also the one that at times can be the most neglected and in the worst need of restoring. Bathroom renovations can be done quickly and efficiently if you start with a detailed and sound plan, as well as making sure that you hire the right local contractors near Angus for the job.

Kitchen Renovations

The kitchen is generally considered the heart of the home. It’s where people gather to celebrate good times and congregate to help each other through bad ones. It’s where many of the memories of childhood holidays and family get-togethers are most formed. And it’s where those late night talks with those closest to you are never forgotten. Kitchen renovations keep the heart of the home beating strong for generation after generations to enjoy meals along with each others’ company.

Home Addition Contractor

Not only can JC Unlimited Contracting handle all of your indoor renovations such as the ones we mentioned above, other additions and projects are also well within our area of expertise. Outdoor properties like garages, patios and decks, and several others can be built or renovated according to your personal preferences.

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