Basement Apartment Renovations


One of the most common and highly sought after services of a basement contractor is that of converting these spaces into guest rooms or apartments. While most people are simply wasting an entire room of their house, not to mention all of that unused square-footage potential, savvy homeowners realize the numerous benefits of turning a basement into a sub-level apartment.

Not only can you use it to house guests, family, and friends all throughout the year without inconveniencing the rest of the household, but under the right circumstances, it can even become a regular source of additional income! Even if you have already performed basement apartment renovations on this area, you can still make a few other changes to really give it a sense of home.

The main reasons that people don’t move forward with this type of project is because they think it will be too expensive, too lengthy of a process, or ultimately be a waste of time because they didn’t get what they were hoping for. A lot of times, that is due more to a poor choice in basement contractor rather than the job itself. That’s why the team at JC Unlimited Contractors wants you to know that you can have the basement you want at a reasonable price and on time.

The fact is that the process of converting a basement into an apartment, or even remodeling one which is already in place, isn’t as difficult as it seems. Adding plumbing, insulation, or other tasks can be easily handled by the professionals at JC Unlimited.

Design Consultant

We will work with you and give professional recommendations on how to make your vision come to life. With years of experience, we know how to design an appealing look, while still ensuring full functionality.

Project Management

During the construction of your new project, JC Unlimited will manage all aspects of the job. By making sure that your project is fully managed, you can sit back with the ease of mind that things are done right.

Complete Construction

JC Unlimited has everything needed to ensure the project is done properly, the first time! We have the tools and knowledge through experience to construct anything within the proper codes and standards, and on time.